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Six Ways to Save on Your Car Insurance


Shop around and visit a broker

Brokers often work with several different insurance companies and can offer you the best price for the coverage you need. Selection Insurance Agency is such an independent broker agent that will shop around many insurers in order to find the best terms for you. The Selection Insurance Agency will help you select the best car insurance currently available for you.

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Avoid claims

The fewer claims the insured has, the less of a liability they are to the insurer. Piling up claims can quickly increase your rates.



Pay in bulk

Paying more of your premium less often can lower your rates. For example, if you make one payment annually or biannually, as opposed to monthly, your overall payment will be lower!



Protect your Credit Score

Insurance companies evaluate your credit history when creating a price for your premium. A higher credit score shows a more reliable customer.



Raise your deductible

A deductible is the amount of money that the insured must pay before an insurance company will pay a claim. This ultimately lowers the liability for an insurer, therefore, lowering your monthly payment!



Consider the car you drive

The model and make of your vehicle can play a huge role in how much your premium will be. For example, sports cars are counted for a much higher liability, therefore, they will have a much higher premium. Refrain from purchasing a sports model vehicle if you are trying to save money!