Cheap Las Vegas Insurance

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It’s common sense that when looking for insurance, buying directly from an insurer is likely cheaper and less time consuming because it’s the most “direct” approach.

However, is it always the best choice?

For one, it can be very time-consuming to get to know what every insurance company offers, its solutions, prices, and terms and conditions.

It’s the insurance agent’s job to know the market and the various insurance products so a good agent will be able to advise you at no extra cost. 

Also, keep in mind that business relies a lot on third parties to drive sales. In our case, insurance companies rely heavily on independent agents to drive business to them.

If the insurance companies offer directly their policies at a significantly lower price than what the price they give to insurance agents, the latter may decide that there is not enough financial benefit to offer this particular company’s policies and stop selling them altogether.

This could lead to a significant loss in potential customers for the insurer.

Moreover, now they will need to invest more in developing their own sales teams which is a costly and timely task. 

It is in the agent’s interest to earn you as a client year after year by getting you the best deal possible. 

Because a happy customer is a repeat customer. At Selection Insurance Agency we believe in this basic rule of business.